I've been working on a personal photography project on my own time.  I wanted to do something quite different than I normally do.  So this is about a dog.  

This is Riley. She is a good, gentle dog. She loves toys (and other things), and likes the chew them.  

The idea for this project came from an incident when she accidentally killed a baby bird. I think she just wanted to play with it, and seemed quite confused when it stopped moving. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I did not begin the project with that baby bird.

Everything of hers (and sometimes not hers) is simply CHEWED. So I decided to document it.

Because chewing is one of Riley's favorite pastimes, this is an ever-growing  stay tuned for more CHEWED. in the future. Hopefully she'll bring some good stuff to the table, or my feet. 

All images © Rebecca Stumpf