I went to the mountains!  Yay!  There I stayed in a home that was pure 1970s. It was awesome.  I also did some outdoorsy stuff......ya know, tromped around in the snow, visited a yurt, almost got lost looking for Riley, took a nap on some rocks.... 

A Canoe Trip On the Gunnison River

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Recently I went on a two-day canoe trip down the Gunnison River in Colorado, and camped along the way.  It may appear as though there was actually no canoeing because I was a little too terrified to take my camera out of the dry bag while on the river (I lacked the waterproof casing that would have given me peace of mind given my lack of canoeing expertise).  Thankfully, that was the case, because I ended up being in the boat that tipped into the icy cold water, twice.  The dry-land shots are complete with canyon exploring, campsite cooking, and eating raspberries off our fingertips at the end of the trip.

Maine Adventure with Greta Rybus

When I think of Maine, I think of capes and rocky coasts, lighthouses, lobster, and cute, wood-shingled cottages – a most idyllic place.  So when one of my best pals and photography soul sisters, Greta Rybus, flew me out to her home in Portland to help her with a shoot, I was honored and excited.  It had been way too long since I had been to Maine, and way too long since Greta and I adventured together and photographed together and inspired each other, live and in-person!  I was also thrilled to get a little taste of Greta's New England life.  She is one of my true photography inspirations for so many reasons.  Visit her site and you'll see why!

Aside from our day of "work," Greta and I had our fair share of fun and giggles.  We ventured from rainy state park beaches to quaint coastal towns, enjoyed local Maine blueberry pie together, took a ferry, picnicked on an island, and stumbled upon a local Italian Festival.  Together we captured the experience, similarly, yet differently.   I left feeling inspired and energized by Greta's creativity and zeal for photography!  

Be sure and check out Greta's account of my visit and our adventures! Then, find out more about Greta on instagram and twitter!  She's amazing everywhere! 

All images © Rebecca Stumpf

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Sunday Wanderings


One recent Sunday, friend and fellow photographer, Kevin Hoth, and I headed east to Louisville and Lafayette to wander intentionally with our cameras in tow.  It's not very often I spend a whole afternoon with the sole purpose of wandering, so this was a welcomed adventure!  Looking like tourists donning sun hats, we hit the streets, alleyways, industrial areas, and some seemingly public properties with "no trespassing" signs on them....all in the name of photography.

New site, New blog

Hello, and welcome to my new blog!  With a complete makeover of my website, I figured it was also time to create a new photography blog to go along with it.  You know, the kind where you get an inside look into my life as a photographer.  Here's the first look.

Ohhhh, just hard at work on assignment with my rental car in Las Vegas.

Ohhhh, just hard at work on assignment with my rental car in Las Vegas.

You can already get an inside look into my life as a photographer here.  And also, a little bit here.

But here?  Well, here will be a little different.  Here I will post bits and pieces of photo assignments, published work, personal adventures, behind the scenes, musings, and pretty much anything related to my passion and work as a photographer.  I hope to go a little more in depth than those other "heres" go.  I can't promise I will post regularly, but I can promise that when I do post, it will be interesting and insightful.  At least that's what I'm hoping for.  And if it's not?  Click here.

I hope you'll follow along!