Denver-Based Long I Pie Shop for Food & Wine Magazine

Shauna Lott is the owner of the fabulous Long I Pie shop based in Denver…and rightfully so, she was recently featured in Food & Wine as one of America’s top pie makers! Be sure and get a hold of her pies, because oh my, they are delicious!
All images ©Rebecca Stumpf


Lighting the Editorial Portrait Workshop with Andrew Eccles

Last week I took a lighting workshop at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops with Andrew Eccles.  My intentions were to grow my technical knowledge of lighting an editorial portrait as well as explore expanding my scope and style of shooting.  I feel I accomplished both, especially the latter.  We played around with simple studio portraits, shooting in the desert, creating more cinematic-like images, and motion photography.  Andrew is an incredibly wonderful teacher who really cared about the success of all of his students; I feel so lucky to have worked with him.  I also met some other amazing photographers whose creativity and passion were both nourishing and inspiring.  Excited to share some images made during the week...! Hope you enjoy. All images ©rebecca stumpf 2015.

And now some behind-the-scenes shots!

Teacher Andrew was also my stylist. ;)

Teacher Andrew was also my stylist. ;)

My stylist, again. :)

My stylist, again. :)

And some fun ones of myself taken by my amazing classmates! (©Killy Photography)

CAKE&WHISKEY Magazine Tearsheets

Recently I did an assignment for an awesome magazine called CAKE&WHISKEY.  I photographed a controversial woman who is stirring the pot in the world of cannabis, Jane West.  She is a fierce entrepreneur, mom, and wife, with a passion for making cannabis the norm.

All images © Rebecca Stumpf (minus cover image)

Cover of Issue 7  (*not my image, for magazine show purposes only)

Cover of Issue 7  (*not my image, for magazine show purposes only)

Summer in Spain – Parte Dos

Summer in Spain, continued...images from Madrid and around. To come, Barcelona and around.

All images © Rebecca Stumpf


Maryanne Quinn for 5280 Home

All images ©Rebecca Stumpf

All photos but bottom one taken by me.

All photos but bottom one taken by me.

Latest tear sheet for 5280 Home....was so excited to be in this issue!  Out on stands now.



I went to the mountains!  Yay!  There I stayed in a home that was pure 1970s. It was awesome.  I also did some outdoorsy stuff......ya know, tromped around in the snow, visited a yurt, almost got lost looking for Riley, took a nap on some rocks....