I've been working on a personal photography project on my own time.  I wanted to do something quite different than I normally do.  So this is about a dog.  

This is Riley. She is a good, gentle dog. She loves toys (and other things), and likes the chew them.  

The idea for this project came from an incident when she accidentally killed a baby bird. I think she just wanted to play with it, and seemed quite confused when it stopped moving. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I did not begin the project with that baby bird.

Everything of hers (and sometimes not hers) is simply CHEWED. So I decided to document it.

Because chewing is one of Riley's favorite pastimes, this is an ever-growing  stay tuned for more CHEWED. in the future. Hopefully she'll bring some good stuff to the table, or my feet. 

All images © Rebecca Stumpf







Luxury Car Camping for Aspen Magazine


I recently went to Aspen for a couple days to shoot an assignment on the food aspect of luxury car camping for Aspen Magazine.  In attendance were some world-class Master Sommeliers such as Carlton McCoy and Sabato Sagaria.  It will be in the July issue, which should hit newsstands this next week.  Look for it (especially because only one of these images will be the same)!