Photo Field Trip

Earlier this week I unpacked a suitcase saturated with the smell of campfire, and bits and pieces of dried mud fell onto the floor;  leftover signs of summer camp, carried with me a thousand-plus miles from El Capitan Canyon in southern California where I attended a 4-day, 3-night, photo-nerd sleepover camp called Photo Field Trip last weekend.  

To sum up my experience in words presents a great challenge.  The setting was idyllic – canvas-walled tents, cozy cabins, yurts, camouflage tree bark, meandering dirt paths – "glamping," they call it.  I can't truly express the inspiration I got from classes with amazing and long-admired photographers such as Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks, Leela Cyd, Anna Naphtali, Michael O'Neal and Paul Octavious, all who shared their unique take on capturing a still image.  Not to mention the 300+ incredibly creative folk that surrounded me, including one of my photography soul sisters, Greta Rybus.  We shared, we laughed, we talked, we learned, we clicked, we soaked it allllll in as much as we could.....including the rain that sprinkled upon us most of the weekend.

I left the experience feeling simultaneously overwhelmed and inspired – Ideas bursting at the seams of my brain, anxiously awaiting to be implemented!  This experience was just what my soul needed in order continue growing as a photographer and to challenge and stretch my creativity.  I'm pretty sure Field Trip was a huge success.  Until next year, #yeahfieldtrip!

All images © Rebecca Stumpf

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A Canoe Trip On the Gunnison River

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Recently I went on a two-day canoe trip down the Gunnison River in Colorado, and camped along the way.  It may appear as though there was actually no canoeing because I was a little too terrified to take my camera out of the dry bag while on the river (I lacked the waterproof casing that would have given me peace of mind given my lack of canoeing expertise).  Thankfully, that was the case, because I ended up being in the boat that tipped into the icy cold water, twice.  The dry-land shots are complete with canyon exploring, campsite cooking, and eating raspberries off our fingertips at the end of the trip.