'Intertwined' with Julia Vandenoever

As part of Boulder Arts Week, Julia Vandenoever and I collaborated for the third year in a row to create a new body of work together. Fully conceptualized, shot, edited, printed, framed and hung together, we were happy to show 'Intertwined' at Wonder, a fresh-pressed juice bar in Boulder, Colorado through the month of May. Inspired by our love of food, nature, and simplicity, we explored the interconnectedness of life through color, form, and light. 

Some images from the show:


Julia and I at the opening reception...at the end of the night, after everyone had left.

Leaf Restaurant for Vegetarian Times

Recently did a little shoot for Vegetarian Times at Leaf Restaurant here in Boulder.  Their brunch is delicious!  I'll have to go back and actually enjoy it.  Hot off the press...on news stands now.


And got featured on the contributors page! :)


I've been working on a personal photography project on my own time.  I wanted to do something quite different than I normally do.  So this is about a dog.  

This is Riley. She is a good, gentle dog. She loves toys (and other things), and likes the chew them.  

The idea for this project came from an incident when she accidentally killed a baby bird. I think she just wanted to play with it, and seemed quite confused when it stopped moving. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I did not begin the project with that baby bird.

Everything of hers (and sometimes not hers) is simply CHEWED. So I decided to document it.

Because chewing is one of Riley's favorite pastimes, this is an ever-growing project...so  stay tuned for more CHEWED. in the future. Hopefully she'll bring some good stuff to the table, or my feet. 

All images © Rebecca Stumpf







Conifer, Colorado for Sunset Magazine


©rebeccastumpf_sunset 13E.jpg
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©rebeccastumpf_sunset 50E.jpg

Way back in July I did a shoot for Sunset Magazine. It was just a small little travel piece on Conifer, Colorado, but was quite the fun adventure, tooling around meeting the most genuine folks and seeing awesome, hidden mountain gems.  Not to mention, I got a personal tour by the head park ranger at Colorado's newest state park, Staunton State Park, which everyone nearby must check out!   If you find yourself at a bookstore, grab and copy and take a look – it's on newsstands now! 

Crested Butte in August


August has been a full month – travels to the east coast (Maine), the west coast (Washington), and some places in between (South Dakota);  there were some photo shoots (a Scottish man, two kids, some fish, a pretty couple, a really fancy house, burgers, a state park);  there was a new partnership with Getty Global Assignments;  there was a move;  and to round it all off, there was a 4-day trip right here in my home state to Crested Butte, Colorado with some pals.  There, there was bacon, a birthday, an emerald lake, cards and cocktails, a 12,000-foot mountain ascent, and much more. 

Gettin' Fishy in the Northwest

rebeccastumpf_fishing 16e.jpg
rebeccastumpf_fishing 99e.jpg
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rebeccastumpf_fishing 111e.jpg
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rebeccastumpf_fishing 9e.jpg
rebeccastumpf_fishing 21e.jpg
rebeccastumpf_fishing 26e.jpg
rebeccastumpf_fishing 24e.jpg

Last week, I found myself fishing for salmon off the coast of Washington.  With my camera in hand, I caught some fish, and took some photographs.  Justice, the boat crewman and fisherman extraordinaire, of Sea Breeze Charters, was a super good sport about letting me click away. And not to mention, talked me out of getting seasick!

Maine Adventure with Greta Rybus

When I think of Maine, I think of capes and rocky coasts, lighthouses, lobster, and cute, wood-shingled cottages – a most idyllic place.  So when one of my best pals and photography soul sisters, Greta Rybus, flew me out to her home in Portland to help her with a shoot, I was honored and excited.  It had been way too long since I had been to Maine, and way too long since Greta and I adventured together and photographed together and inspired each other, live and in-person!  I was also thrilled to get a little taste of Greta's New England life.  She is one of my true photography inspirations for so many reasons.  Visit her site and you'll see why!

Aside from our day of "work," Greta and I had our fair share of fun and giggles.  We ventured from rainy state park beaches to quaint coastal towns, enjoyed local Maine blueberry pie together, took a ferry, picnicked on an island, and stumbled upon a local Italian Festival.  Together we captured the experience, similarly, yet differently.   I left feeling inspired and energized by Greta's creativity and zeal for photography!  

Be sure and check out Greta's account of my visit and our adventures! Then, find out more about Greta on instagram and twitter!  She's amazing everywhere! 

All images © Rebecca Stumpf

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