The Athlete's Fix Cookbook.....Coming in May!

I'm so excited to share that during one jam-packed week in January, I worked on shooting a cookbook/athlete's program book called The Athlete's Fix by professional athlete, Pip Taylor.  The book is to be published by Velo Press in May, and will be available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, to name a couple.

Athlete or not, there are many delicious and healthy recipes in here to be enjoyed by all!  Wanted to just share a couple images to whet your appetite! :)

Grilled Lamb Pomegranate Salad


Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Cookies....let me tell you, these are yummmmmmmm-y, and just ever-so perfectly sweet!

And now for some behind-the-scenes iPhone photos...

Chantal Pierrat of Emerging Women Conference on MailChimp


You know MailChimp?! The place you send your newsletters through? Well, they contacted me to do a shoot of an amazing woman, Chantal Pierrat, here in Boulder who started the Emerging Women Conference, a conference that focuses on the strong voices of women in business.  After just one year, the event grew so popular that is has now found a new home in New York City.  Go Chantal!

I photographed Chantal in her home in Boulder, Colorado. Between important business phone calls, a change of clothes, the nanny and her two kids running around, we found some quiet moments to capture this emerging woman doing what she does - being awesome.

See Chantal and other MailChimp sponsorships:

Sunday Wanderings


One recent Sunday, friend and fellow photographer, Kevin Hoth, and I headed east to Louisville and Lafayette to wander intentionally with our cameras in tow.  It's not very often I spend a whole afternoon with the sole purpose of wandering, so this was a welcomed adventure!  Looking like tourists donning sun hats, we hit the streets, alleyways, industrial areas, and some seemingly public properties with "no trespassing" signs on them....all in the name of photography.