Traditional Icelandic Sheep Herding for Iceland Air Stopover Magazine and LA Times

In September of 2017, I traveled to Iceland to document the annual sheep round-ups, or rettirs, that happen throughout the country, along with fellow photographer, Ross Weinburg and writer Karen Carmichael. We immersed ourselves in this longstanding tradition where each fall, locals and those from near and far travel to the north to spend days in the high-country on horseback rounding up hundreds of sheep that have been roaming free since the early spring. The event is a ton of work and takes multiple days, but in the end, is full of community, fun, and festivities for both young and old alike. Published in Iceland Air Stopover Magazine, and LA Times. See more under Project section on this site, and in the links below:
All images ©Rebecca Stumpf 2017

 Northern Iceland - September 11th 2017:  A young local girl waits with her horses before the start of the round-up. Icelandic horses are the backbone and emblem of many northern Icelandic communities. This is for a travel story on Iceland's sheep roundup.
 Iceland, Maelifellsrétt - September 10th 2017:  Kristin Snæland's daughter, Alma Karen Snæland, 15, has attended sheep round-ups since she was four years old. Though, she’s not much into the sorting now, her parents wanted her to experience it because it is part of Icelandic tradition, and she does still enjoy the festivities. This is for a travel story on Iceland Sheep Roundups.
 Iceland, Mælifellsrétt - September 10th 2017:  Once the sheep are rounded up from the high country, they are packed into the center of the rétt for sorting by the farmers. Tags on the sheeps’ ear identify which farm they belong to. This is for a travel story on Iceland's sheep roundup.
 Iceland, Valley of Mælifellsdalur -September 8th 2017:  The round-ups involve many, many hours on horseback in the high country, so those traveling together decide when it’s time to take a break. Here, Guðmundur Óskar Guðmundsson of Akureyri, catches a quick nap, while two local children pick berries.
 Iceland, Starrastaðir- September 11th 2017:  Mother and Son, Sara Reykdal and Úlfar Hörður Sveinsson, take inventory on the sheep that they rounded up for the winter at their farm, Starrastaðir. This is for a travel story on Iceland's sheep roundup.
 Iceland , Lake Myvátn - September 2017: September 1 is the official start of winter in Iceland, and the time when the Northern Lights start to appear. Here, a spectacular aurora shines over Lake Myvátn in northern Iceland.  This is for a travel story on Iceland Sheep Roundups.